Five Ways to De-stress Naturally.

Being avid bakers ourselves, we were unsurprised to see the results of a study that claims 1 in 3 Britons bake to de-stress (Independent 29 March 2017). We are big fans of rolling up the sleeves and whisking up a healthy treat or two to put our focus on something positive. We are also big believers that food made with love tastes better and is better for your body! However, we know that getting down in the kitchen isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (that’s why we created our mixes: to make it easier, less time consuming and less messy!) so here’s a few other tips to help stay calm…

1. Meditate: We all know we should do it but it can be challenging to make it part of a daily routine. But if this is the one thing you make time for in your hectic schedule, life will be much brighter.
Being able to have time with your thoughts and learn to let them pass you by while putting focus on your breath is the best way we have found to find some inner calm, sleep better and release tension. Try using an app like Calm or Headspace if you need some guidance or tips.
2. Stop and Breathe: how often to you actually do this? We are all constantly distracted by tech, work, family, drama – the list is endless. Take 2 minutes a couple of times a day to stop and focus all attention on 10 beautiful deep strengthening breaths – you won’t believe how good it makes you feel!
3. Exercise: oldie but a goodie. This is the best way to release tension, give yourself renewed energy and give yourself a little vital self-care. So many gentle or hardcore options available these days – take a look at your local yoga studio or gym.
4. Laugh: start paying attention to how often you are in the moment and hey, lighten up! Daily routine and pressure can make us forget the simple joy of laughing. Grab a drink with your friends, stop and laugh at the antics of your kids or have a giggle to yourself – its surprisingly easy.
5. Bake! So one in 3 Brits turn to baking so de-stress with happiness the predominant emotion evoked followed by sense of calm and focus. It helps you be in the moment as you focus, and the act of creating something of value can’t be beaten. So take a deep breath, get mixing and enjoy!
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