Flapjack Hacks: 7 Ingredients to Add for Healthy Treats

                            Easy quick flapjacks from Sweetpea

Flapjacks can be a supreme snack for lunchboxes, the mid-afternoon desk slump, post-workout or, erm, just about anytime really. We like flapjacks a lot.
Why are flapjacks a good source of energy? Oats provide slow-release energy, and you can easily add a dose of healthy fats and nutrients by throwing some nuts or seeds into the mix.
Be label savvy though as commercial flapjacks often contain unhealthy, cholesterol raising, trans fats (‘partially hydrogenated oils’ are ones to watch out for), as well as being laden with refined sugar. The solution; seek out ‘clean label’ products, free from artificial ingredients, or make your own.

We make our own Sweetpea sugar-free, gluten-free flapjack mix most weeks, so we sometimes like to go a little off-piste and try some new additions (and use up those open packs of nuts and seeds whilst we’re at it).
Here are a few of our favourite flapjack hacks.

Just add a total of 1-3 tablespoons of any of the ingredients below (if you want to add a little more you’ll just need to up coconut oil/butter and the honey/syrup).
- Sunflower seeds
One good reason to eat them: vitamin E helps promote eye health.
- Pumpkin seeds
One good reason to eat them: manganese plays an important role in collagen which helps give youthful, healthy skin.
- Dried cranberries (check the ingredients list for added sugar)
One good reason to eat them: their antioxidant properties may help prevent bacterial infections.
- Dark choc chips (minimum 70% cocoa)
One good reason to eat them: um, we never need a reason to eat chocolate. Ok, ok, so iron aids the transportation of oxygen in the blood, supports both brain and muscle health and keeps energy levels up.
- Pecan nuts
One good reason to eat them: monounsaturated fats may help lower your risk of heart disease.
- Goji berries
One good reason to eat them: their antioxidant properties and polysaccharides can help boost your immune system.
- Almonds
One good reason to eat them: magnesium helps to keep blood, oxygen and nutrients flowing around your body.
** Sweetpea Pantry Tip **
Try using the made-up flapjack mix as a luxurious crumble topping; the crisp coconut and sultanas will raise your crumble game to the next level.
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