• What's so Super About Quinoa?

    What's so Super About Quinoa?

    One of the nutritious ingredients in our mixes, we love the taste and nutrient profile of quinoa. Here's why it is so fabulous... Quinoa in Flapjack Mix The abundant protein in quinoa is complete protein, which means that it contains all the essential amino acids, including lysine, which is crucial for growing and repairing body tissues.  Quinoa is high is magnesium and riboflavin (B2)....
  • Supercharge your family meals! Recipe ideas...

    Supercharge your family meals! Recipe ideas...

    Healthy meals What makes great family meals? You have told us that they need to be:  Simple – quick, easy recipes that children can get involved in, Nutritious – health-enhancing food for the whole family, Satisfying – food that gives us pleasure and makes us feel good. In our cupboards, space is limited, and in our kitchens time is precious so our ingredients have to work hard to...
  • Vegan Ginger, Thyme & Rhubarb Crumble Recipe - from the 'Using our Mixes' Series.

    Vegan Ginger, Thyme & Rhubarb Crumble Recipe - from the 'Using our Mixes' Series.

    Vegan rhubarb crumble You asked, and we deliver! By popular demand here is another delicious recipe using our flapjack mix - this time to make a seriously rocking crumble. This has been designed for us by the talented Emily of @wrightfoodie. What’s your favourite crumble? Vegan Ginger, Thyme and Rhubarb Crumble INGREDIENTS - Serves 6-8 For the topping: 1 x pack of Sweetpea Pantry...
  • Meat Free Monday's - Recipe Ideas

    Meat Free Monday's - Recipe Ideas

    Making Meat Free Mondays a regular routine guarantees that at least one day a week, veggies are the superstars of your main meal and not just sitting on the side-lines. This is good news for you, your pocket and the environment: winner all round. It’s also a great way to ‘vegucate’ your family and encourage them to try different seasonal veggies. Here are a...
  • Vegan Pizza Recipe

    Vegan Pizza Recipe

    This spectacular recipe was created by @gingervegan for @vegankind using our Pizza Dough. We loved it - great to see so much flavour on there!                                              Vegan Pizza Recipe pack Sweetpea Pantry Pizza Dough Mix 1 aubergine2 large flat mushrooms1 tin chickpeas2 tbsp...
  • Carbs and Why We Need Them

    Carbs and Why We Need Them

    After years of seeing fat as a dietary demon, carbs have now taken the spotlight, and low-carb diets such as the Atkins, Keto and Paleo have become something of a trend, with people swearing that shunning carbs helps them to hit their goals. Most of us will have friends who fret about putting on a few pounds when they eat a bowl of pasta....
  • Best Natural Foods For Energy

    Best Natural Foods For Energy

    As we creep towards the longer, darker days of Autumn and Winter, we are already preparing ourselves for the harsher weather. Although we are embracing Hygge once more - the idea of cosying up on the sofa, snuggling into chunky knitwear and hibernating on rainy, cold days - the colder weather can be tough on our bodies. For starters, cold and flu season is...
  • Showstopping Carrot Cake Recipe

    Showstopping Carrot Cake Recipe

    We sent the talented @wrightfoodie our new Carrot Muffin Mix and here is how she took it right up to a show-stopping centrepiece of a cake!              Sweetpea Carrot Muffin Mix as a show-stopping cake! INGREDIENTS For the Cake · 1 x Packet Sweetpea Pantry Carrot Cake Muffin Mix · 2 x Eggs · 80 mls Olive Oil ·...
  • Energy Balls - Introducing Different Flavour Combinations

    Energy Balls - Introducing Different Flavour Combinations

    Our Energy Ball Mix is a great base to quickly whip up some high energy treats that will power you through the day. We love ours rolled in coconut, chia, raw cacao, matcha tea and berry powders - just delicious!  
  • Best Brownie Additions

    Best Brownie Additions

    There is a reason why Brownies are so popular - delicious yes - but also so many variations are available and chocolate works well with so many other flavours. Try these variations with our Sweetpea Brownie mix - just delicious!
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