• Sweetpea Pantry is for Everyone!

    Sweetpea Pantry is for Everyone!

    Adapting our mixes for special diets and intolerances. Sweetpea Pantry is for everyone to enjoy. We wanted to share with you some simple switches to make our mixes suitable for those with special diets and food intolerances. Our ingredients are simple and natural - we don't use any strange unpronounceable powders or fillers and we have no hidden dairy or egg additives.   All...
  • Meat Free Monday's - Recipe Ideas

    Meat Free Monday's - Recipe Ideas

    Making Meat Free Mondays a regular routine guarantees that at least one day a week, veggies are the superstars of your main meal and not just sitting on the side-lines. This is good news for you, your pocket and the environment: winner all round. It’s also a great way to ‘vegucate’ your family and encourage them to try different seasonal veggies. Here are a...
  • Vegan Pizza Recipe

    Vegan Pizza Recipe

    This spectacular recipe was created by @gingervegan for @vegankind using our Pizza Dough. We loved it - great to see so much flavour on there!                                              Vegan Pizza Recipe pack Sweetpea Pantry Pizza Dough Mix 1 aubergine2 large flat mushrooms1 tin chickpeas2 tbsp...
  • What's a Chia or Flax 'Egg'?

    What's a Chia or Flax 'Egg'?

    You might have seen the puzzlement on the faces of the consumers on the BBC1 show 'The Customer is Always Right' when they read our instructions to make our mixes vegan. What's a Chia Egg? We give the best options below for baking for keeping our mixes vegan. 1. Chia or Flax 'Egg' This is a simple solution to using an egg in baking...
  • Easy Plant Based Food Swaps

    Easy Plant Based Food Swaps

    We all know that we should be eating a rainbow of fruit and veg to be our healthiest, happiest selves. And, as we become more and more aware of the environment and of our own health, plant-based and vegan diets are becoming one of the biggest food trends in recent years. It’s easy to see why, too! After all, foods such as fruit, veg,...
  • Simple Food Switches to get More Goodness into Family Meals.

    Simple Food Switches to get More Goodness into Family Meals.

    We get asked a lot if there are any quick tips to keep a focus on healthy eating (yes it's exhausting with kids in the mix, agreed!) and our first suggestion is always to simply to make some switches in the foods you already eat. Take a look at these ideas... Switch flavoured yoghurt for plain or Greek Flavoured fruit yoghurts are touted as...
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