• Pizza Dough Crackers Recipe - from the 'Using our Mixes' Series

    Pizza Dough Crackers Recipe - from the 'Using our Mixes' Series

    Searching for quick snacks? These are a winner every time and with chia and flax in the mix, give a nice base for lasting energy for hungry bellies. Make sure you make plenty as delicious with avocado, pate, cheese, dips etc too. 1 x 260 gram Sweetpea Pantry Playful Pizza Dough Mix with Chia and Flax (or the Gluten free Pizza Dough Mix if...
  • Vegan Pizza Recipe

    Vegan Pizza Recipe

    This spectacular recipe was created by @gingervegan for @vegankind using our Pizza Dough. We loved it - great to see so much flavour on there!                                              Vegan Pizza Recipe pack Sweetpea Pantry Pizza Dough Mix 1 aubergine2 large flat mushrooms1 tin chickpeas2 tbsp...
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