Meat Free Monday's - Recipe Ideas

Making Meat Free Mondays a regular routine guarantees that at least one day a week, veggies are the superstars of your main meal and not just sitting on the side-lines. This is good news for you, your pocket and the environment: winner all round. It’s also a great way to ‘vegucate’ your family and encourage them to try different seasonal veggies.

Here are a few autumnal vegetarian recipes that are easy, tasty and satisfying; just what you want to snuggle up with as dinner time darkens and the chill sets in.

Delicious roast vegetables

Sprouted Kitchen’s Baked Sweet Potatoes with Chilli Beans
Just reading Sara Forte’s recipes and ruminations makes us feel more nourished somehow. This one is coupled with a lovely bit of encouragement on finding time for the things that make your life a little lighter and brighter, even amidst the chaos of busy times.
Emma Thompson’s Butternut Squash, Chickpea and Spinach Curry.
One from the Meat Free Mondays site, which is a great resource for recipes. This one was contributed by one of our favourite actresses and public figures, Emma Thompson. It’s a nutritionally loaded delight with a comforting coconut-milk based sauce.
Dreena Burton’s Umami Almond, Quinoa and Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers
These really have to be tried to be believed. We made them several times during bbq season and they were enjoyed by veggies and meat eaters alike. More protein loaded than veg, but you can get some extra freshness in by serving them with guacamole and salsa or sliced tomatoes. Dreena Burton’s recipes are some of the most fool-proof we’ve tried, and her notes and tips are great.

Happy Herbivore’s Veggie Cassoulet
This hearty cassoulet is bowl food at its best and is just begging for huge hunks of crusty bread. The only slight problem is that, following a long family tradition of eating canned cassoulet warmed on a rattling old camping stove in Brittany campsites, it’s impossible to imagine eating this without the accompaniment of one of those little bottles of French beer. Oh well.
Sneaky Veg’s Aubergine, Yellow Pepper, Pesto & Ricotta Lasagne
London-based blog Sneaky Veg shares some great veggie-smuggling recipes. This one is a richly comforting, cheesy, creamy lasagne with the fresh flavours of pesto thrown in too. And we sympathise with Mandy’s comments on the frustrations of getting that goodness into your kids too; we’re no strangers to 'fish finger moments' ourselves.
Enjoy, and drop us a line with any other Meat Free Monday recipe ideas.
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