Seasonal Foods for Autumn

We all know that we need to pile plates with a beautiful rainbow of fruit and veg to keep our little ones (and ourselves!) as healthy and as happy as possible.

Yet, another key to keeping healthy – and enjoying the tastiest foods around – is to eat seasonally.

Why Eat Seasonally?

Although most of us can now buy strawberries in December and Brussels in summer, there’s a lot to be said for eating seasonally. For starters, seasonal food (usually found at the end aisle of your supermarket’s fruit and veg section) is fresher and even more delicious. It’s also thought to be more nutritious. Eating seasonally is perfect for anyone who is environmentally conscious because it reduces energy, and supports local farmers. It’s also great for the purses, too, as it tends to be far cheaper!

We’d like to challenge you to try eating seasonally this Autumn. We promise there’s plenty to choose from… What Should I Eat in Autumn?
Although the days of ice cream and fresh berry smoothies may now be a distant memory, Autumn definitely has its perks! And, as the days start to draw in and the nights grow ever colder, delicious seasonal foods are the perfect remedy.Of course with Halloween in the mix, pumpkins tend to take the spotlight – and kids love their naturally sweet taste. Yet, there are plenty of other delights to add to Autumnal menus over the next few months.Here are some of our favourite seasonal ingredients to pile plates with this August. Happy eating!


An apple a day...
We’ve all heard the age-old saying, and with sweet, juicy apples full of antioxidants and fibre, they’re perfect for feeding the kids. We’ll be making the most of apple season (when it ends depends on your favourite variety!) by enjoying plenty of this lip-smacking fruit with little ones! We like to dish ours up in classic crumbles, stew it ready to top Pancakes, and even cut into ‘doughnut’ slices and top with yoghurt, berries and granola for a healthy, kid-approved snack!


From pumpkin pie to warming pumpkin soup, this bright sunny fruit (yes, we were surprised that it’s a fruit, too!) is as versatile as it is beautiful! It’s also packed with health benefits, including plenty of fibre and vitamin A to support healthy eyes.

We love making the most of leftover pumpkins once the mad dash of Halloween is over by stirring into brownies (pumpkin puree makes a great substitute for eggs) or blending into thick soups that are sweet enough to keep even fussy eaters happy. You could even try roasting the leftover seeds and stirring into our delicious Super Oat Flapjack mixes or some homemade granola for an omega-3 rich treat!


Vibrant beets come into season in the summer, but last until the end of Autumn. They’re also one of the healthiest veggies around (they’re perfect for an energy boost, or detoxifying the liver) and environmentally-friendly, too, since they rarely need to be treated with pesticides!

They work beautifully with chocolate or berry flavours so, if you have fussy kids (and we know that feeling all too well!), then try grating fresh beetroot into homemade chocolate cakes, blending into frostings or chocolate mousse, or adding to a kid tried-and-tested berry yoghurt smoothie.


Luscious figs aren’t in season for long – but, when you get a perfectly ripe fig, then you’ll soon know what all the fuss is about! We love to serve ours in an Autumnal fruit crumble alongside apples, blackberries, pears and plums, while the flavours of figs also make them delicious dunked in melted chocolate for a kid-friendly snack.

It’s rare you’ll stumble upon the perfect fig but, with a little know-how, you can shop the fig season much better. When picking the perfect fig, aim for plump fruits that don’t have too much squish, and steer clear of any that look a little shrunken!


Damsons have the most beautiful blue skins, but many of us will steer clear of this Autumn beauty because of its tart flesh. Yet, they’re perfect for fruit picking with kids on a clear blue Autumn day – you can find your nearest Pick Your Own Farm using this handy site - and they taste delicious in jams (and we all know how little ones can never resist jam on toast!) or even chutneys and crumbles.

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