Even Better Brownie - Sugarwise Certified!

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Sugarwise approved mixes

We've been back in the kitchen playing with our Brownie, because we are always looking for ways to make our products better! We wanted to reduce the amount of syrup/sugar you needed to add to the mix and keep the end product as low in sugar as possible, while remaining sweet, indulgently healthy, and most importantly delicious.

We've reduced the sugar you need to add by using naturally sweet ingredients (that also add fibre, goodness and flavour) like dates and dark chocolate.

We are the only mixes brand to not add sugar into any of our products (and the only mixes brand that is certified with Sugarwise as being free from added sugars - woohoo to us!). This is not because we think sugar is evil per se (although it is hidden in way too many food products), but because we think you should have a choice as to what sweetener you would like to use and how much. We don't believe in hidden sugar, confusing the customer with technical terms or hiding the taste by throwing in added sugars that add zero nutritional benefit.

Our new Brownie is now available - we hope you like the addition of dark chocolate chips and dates to add more moistness (vegan of course!), and the nutritional value of our delicious teff, brown rice and buckwheat flours.
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